Meet our People

Ernest Mteteleli Lamani

Born in 1982
Lab Engineer
Employed in 2010

“I test products in the development phase, those on the market and those to be sent for type approval, and basically support all departments. It’s important that I can stand for the work I do, and must always be responsive to people’s needs, wishes and demands.”


Maria Nilsson

Born in 1973
Turner, Production
Coach, 5S Auditor and Safety Ombudsman
Employed in 2003

“If you’re committed and prepared to put the necessary hours in, you get the chance and good opportunities to develop here. Work on 5S is really enjoyable and as a 5S auditor, I help others succeed in introducing S certification. We have really great team spirit in the group where I work, and it’s fun to go to work each day.”


Anders Carlström

Born in 1963
NC Operator
Employed in 2011

“I have a background in the car industry. Coming here has been a dream come true for me: everything’s in good order and I think we listen to each other. Obviously, you feel committed in that kind of environment. It’s worth the 55-mile commute every day.”