FM Mattsson Mora Group promotes corporate social responsibility (CSR) and has the stated goal of being perceived as the industry leader in environmentally and health-smart solutions. This philosophy is ingrained throughout the company, which works systematically and methodically on sustainability issues – in terms of its own operational impact, and by developing products and solutions that contribute to sustainability when they are used. A stable, profitable business combined with good relations with key stakeholders provides good conditions for being a good corporate citizen from economic, social and environmental perspectives.

FM Mattsson Mora Group is one of the major employers in the municipality of Mora and also a significant employer in Odense. The company’s activities largely impact the local community. FM Mattssson Mora Group actively participates in the social development through dialogue with the municipalities and the local authorities as well as networking with other businesses in the locality. An example of its community engagement is the cooperation with the aid organisation WaterAid. FM Mattsson Mora Groups vision includes delivering clean water – essential for human health and livelihood and something that a large proportion of the world population suffers from lack of. As the leading manufacturer of mixers, it is natural for FM Mattsson Mora Group to help more people have access to clean water. 

FM Mattsson Mora Group's suppliers are monitored and evaluated continuously. Suppliers of direct materials undergo audits where above all quality and technical ability is being assessed and where sustainability aspects are an important part. Transparency, willingness to collaborate and environmental ambitions are important factors in procurement.

Environmental responsibility

FM Mattsson Mora Group’s environmental impact mainly arises from manufacturing, surface treatment and transport. The aim is to conduct these activities with the smallest-possible environmental impact. Areas with the highest priority from an environmental perspective are resource-efficiency and the reduction of hazardous substances. Use of the end products is also a key focus area, in which FM Mattsson Mora Group intends to develop eco-efficient products. A clear trend in the industry is the growing demand for water and energy-saving features, as well as eco-friendly materials. This trend is being driven by increased customer awareness and new EU regulations. FM Mattsson Mora Group aims to take a leading position in the technological shift to reduce and phase out the high-risk substances contained in its products. In 2014, a major step was taken when a new lead-free brass was introduced into the production process at Mora. Environmental activities at FM Mattsson Mora Group have been delegated to each production unit, while targets, focus areas and priorities are determined at the Group level. The company is relatively advanced in terms of energy savings, for example, the manufacturing facility in Mora was early to take advantage of waste heat. An energy study of the plant in Mora in 2014 indicated a potential energy saving of 4.6 percent. The review of the manufacturing and assembly that takes place continuously aims to minimize waste of overproduction, unnecessary work, transportation and storage. This impacts not only product quality and profitability, but also on environmental and resource use as rework and scrap is reduced. Transport has been identified as an area where improvement is needed.


The EcoSafe concept, which is central to the marketing of the company’s products, is based on environmental awareness throughout the entire product chain. It ranges from reducing the environmental impact of the facility, to smart materials and energy-efficient features that save resources when the product is used.