Core values

FM Mattsson Mora Group’s foundation of values is a collective platform for all employees to build on in their everyday work. This applies for their conduct towards customers, and in-house.

The customer comes first

Means that the customer is always our starting point. We are constantly focused on understanding customers and quickly developing the products they want when they want them, on their terms. The first and last question we pose to ourselves in important decisions is therefore: Is this right for the customer?

We win together

Is about there being no “I” in “team”. We actively invite, listen and utilise skills across departments and roles. And when we do not fully reach succeed, we put effort into resolving the problem and becoming better next time, together.

I step up

Means that I volunteer, take the initiative and reach out a hand when someone needs help. If I see something that could be better, I react and fix it to make everyday life better for myself and my colleagues – and for our joint delivery to be better for the customer.