Care for water:
Let’s share the responsibility

FM Mattsson Mora Group is a proud purveyor of Scandinavian heritage and design, but more importantly, the foundation of everything we do is global dedication to water and the environment. To clearly demonstrate our respect for the environment, we’ve developed our concept Care For Water. The aim is to offer smart products that help our customers to conserve water and energy, by having respect for water.

We launched our Care For Water concept with the aim of creating a common understanding of the group’s sustainability targets, to spotlight our green profile and dedication to the environment here at FM Mattsson Mora Group, and to demonstrate even more clearly to our customers the benefits that our products contribute to.

Care For Water started out in Denmark, where we had a special website that told consumers all about the water-saving effects of FM Mattsson Mora Group’s products, with helpful hints for how to reduce your water consumption, interesting information on how a mixer tap is made and much more. In 2018, we’re implementing Care For Water throughout the group as our new communication concept.

Care For Water highlights all the aspects of water use and conservation, environment and health. The hope is to make more people aware of opportunities to save water and make healthier, greener choices. It will always be a smart choice to select Mora Armatur, FM Mattsson and Damixa – they use water with respect.