Looking to 2030

Sustainability means thinking in the long term. That’s why we have clearly stated goals that we continuously work towards. For example, by 2030 our entire operations are to be carbon-neutral.

Our sustainability goals by 2020

We will achieve:

  • >5 strategic partnerships/collaborations in product development
  • 20% increase in sales from a sustainable product range*
  • 10% increase in the proportion of recycled and renewable material in our products
  • 100% of (high-risk) suppliers reviewed according to our code of conduct for suppliers
  • Perceived by stakeholders as leaders in environmental and health-smart solutions

* Energy class at least B and environmental assessment at least “accepted”

Our sustainability goals by 2030

Sustainability measures are a long-term effort; that is the nature of the work. The great challenges we face demand major changes that take a long time to implement. We have set some more long-term visionary targets to give us a direction to aim for.

We will achieve:

  • Carbon-neutral operations
  • Only closed circular systems in production
  • 100% green product range, completely free from phase-out substances or otherwise harmful substances
  • 100% of our suppliers will be at the same level as us in their sustainability measures