Mora Armatur ‒ brand of the year

Mora Armatur received the Brand of the year award at Dalarna Business celebration – Stjärngalan. Mora Armatur won with the nomination that the brand has created a thorough and stylish strategy and positions itself as a leading manufacturer of mixers.

Inredningsrör designs industrial furniture in Mora

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN. Inredningsrör, a company in the Swedish province of Dalarna, designs furniture made from water pipes in 99 percent recycled steel. A fun hobby developed into a popular online shop when founder Johan Lindberg discovered an enormous demand for furniture made of pipe parts. The company designed the award-winning outdoor shower Mora Garden in partnership with Mora Armatur.

Allbohus Fastighets AB in Alvesta kommun invests in preventative measures to ensure clean water

Water contaminated with bacteria such as Legionella and E. coli can cause severe problems and serious illnesses. For this reason, Allbohus Fastighets AB, a public housing company owned by Alvesta municipality, has opted to install FM Mattsson connected showers with the Watersprint water purification system in several schools, to prevent contamination and ensure good water quality.